CL Certification

Constructive Living Certification

August 11-21, 2014

Please see links at bottom for documents and details.


Arrival: Afternoon, August 11th. I will have sent you room and bed assignments by arrival time, but we can still adjust things in the afternoon. Check-in is 4:00 PM. Trainees can walk around and familiarize themselves with the place; assistants and Dr. Reynolds will meet in the library and make plans for the training. Evening: we will have dinner together and Dr. Reynolds will give us instructions for the next days. Day 1 (see attachment) begins bright and early on the 12th, the day after arrival

Departure: by 11AM, August 21st. Day 10 will end with a private ceremony and celebration. Trainees will be welcome to explore the grounds for a little while after checkout.

General Information:

Truchas is about a 3 hour drive from Albuquerque. You can also fly into Santa Fe, if you find a convenient schedule.

We recommend carpooling with rental cars. You would help us by arranging that yourselves (check the “can carpool” box on the questionnaire and I will try to coordinate).

Because of various arrival times, it would make sense to reserve a room at the Sleep Inn (see downloads) the night before. As these things go, they are not expensive. We can arrange a van, but we are hoping that won’t be necessary.

Clothes: It will be warm but not hot at 8300 feet. Watch the skies: it can rain like mad, and there can be lightning or hailstorms. Nights in the upper desert are much cooler than you may be used to, pleasantly so to me.


Truchas Peaks Place Directions
Truchas Peaks Place Accommodations
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